What we are watching for on Tuesday at the International AIDS Conference…

IAC 2014 Tuesday Theme: What’s holding us back and how do we move faster?

Tuesday is a big day for us here at HEARD. Our very own Dr. Miriam Vega is presenting our research at the International AIDS Conference – #Retweet This: HIV Stigma in the Twitterverse . If you are attending, stop by the presentation at 4:30pm! More to come on this…

We have several sessions that we have our eyes on for Tuesday’s theme, however oddly stated.  Holding Back? Moving Faster?”  Two themes in one!  Anyway, here are a few sessions we have our eyes on.

“Mainstream healthcare education curricula poorly address the knowledge and skills required for providers to deliver responsive care to gay men and men who have sex with men.”  True.  Are your skills and knowledge up to par? Come to this workshop and find out; they don’t only cover sexual health, but also mental health elated to coming out, relationships and physical/sexual violence. Sensitizing Healthcare Providers to the HIV-Related Sexual and Mental Health Needs of Gay Men and Other Men who have Sex with Men, Tuesday 11:00am.

Also at 11:00am (isn’t it always like that), youth movements in HIV/AIDS!

“AIDS 2014 is the first International AIDS Conference in the history to emphasize moving towards the end of AIDS and an HIV free generation. We recognize that we cannot achieve these goals without implementing policy and developing peer-based programs that put young people’s leadership at the center of local, national and international responses to HIV and AIDS.” – Beyond 2014: Youth Leadership in the AIDS Response Symposia Session.

Curious social scientists, as we are, this oral session caught our attention – Curious Social Scientists: Innovative Approaches and Questions, at 1:00pm Tuesday. As researchers based within a CBO, we are inherently interested in discussions around community engagement and benefit in research.  Many of the talks in this session are around community-led and community based participatory research (CBPR), as well as some reflections on clinical trials.  With a common mantra around CBPR being “it takes time” and the IAC theme being “stepping up the pace”, is this a predictor of things to come?

Want to learn more about using social media for youth movements?  Harnessing the Potential of Social Media in Global HIV Prevention, Education and Community Building. Attend this hands-on workshop (on Wednesday) to develop your skills and tools for a successful campaign. Apparently they will have what examples of what went right and what went wrong (there’s nothing better that picking apart a Twitter campaign gone horribly wrong. Cue NYPD.

Question of the day: With a common mantra around community based participatory research being “it takes time” and the IAC theme being “stepping up the pace”, will community-based research get pushed to the side?

Written By: Emily Klukas
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