Hot off the Press…

Challenge accepted! The bloggers of The Hispanic Health Equity have created a bookshelf containing an array of volumes that express our interests and favorite subjects to be published (crossing fingers here) as part of the BYOB(ookworm) Daily Prompt

Please scroll and read through, comment and let us know what you think…

Hispanics as the Sleeping Giant: By Miriam Vega

Hispanics as the Sleeping Giant
Written By: Miriam Vega
Follow @miriamyvega

We are Latino@ in the Deep South: By Erik Valera

We are Latin@ in the Deep South
Written By: Erik Valera
Follow @LatinoDeepSouth

Altered States: By Emily Klukas

Altered States
Written By: Emily Klukas

How to Deal with People and Stay Classy!: By Ruben Rios

How to Deal with People and Stay Classy!
Written By: Ruben Rios

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8 thoughts on “Hot off the Press…

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