Hello world! We are the Latino Commission on AIDS!

What a better way to kick off our blogging than with the International AIDS Conference coming up next week! We are the Latino Commission on AIDS, a non-profit membership organization based in NYC, with a satellite office in North Carolina, dedicated to fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Latino/Hispanic community. The Latino Commission is dedicated to resolving the HIV crisis in the Latino community, where social stigma, poverty, language barriers, immigration status fears, and access to care, deter testing and increase the infection rate. Over 200,000 Latinos in the U.S. and Puerto Rico are living with HIV/AIDS. The fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S., Latinos constitute 16% of the U.S. population but account for over 12% of the AIDS cases. We have a variety of programs to resolve the the HIV crisis such as: Latinos D (working with Latino MSM), Latinas por la Salud (working with Latina women), Latino Religious Leadership Program(working with Latino communities of Faith), Capacity Building Assistance division (where we build organizations capacity on HIV/AIDS) and two national campaigns, National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD), www.nlaad.org, and the recently launched Hispanic Hepatitis Awareness Day, www.hispanichepatitisday.org These are just a few of the things that we do. Wanna know more specifics about us? Check us out at www.latinoaids.orgNow that you know all about us, follow us in order to know what we are doing at the International AIDS Conference and in the days after that. Twitter: @latinocommaids @NLAAD and on Facebook: LatinoCommissiononAids and NLAAD. Ok folks, stay tuned for the next submission on the International AIDS Conference!

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